Instructor Anne Swan

Anne and her dog Kylie at Pre Finals PNAC 2018

Anne Swan is a Professional Dog Trainer and national Agility Competitor and Instructor, with over 20 years experience. She began as a co-founder of Goleta Valley Dog Club in 2001, starting the dog sports club with two friends, based in Goleta, CA. Anne teaches all levels of Dog Agility and Rally Obedience classes. She created the curriculum for the Fun with Focus, Reliable Recall, and Canine Good Citizen classes taught at GVDC today. 

In 2005, Anne began teaching for the Perfect Puppy Academy, a business which she now owns and where she instructs weekly dog training and puppy socialization classes. She looks forward to the enthusiasm that puppies and their owners bring to every session, helping to achieve training goals that will be utilized throughout the lifetime of the dog. Anne works with her clients to smooth the transition of adding puppies and dogs to the household, and employs gentle yet effective methods based on positive reinforcement and establishing compassionate leadership. Her mission is to help create well-behaved family members that you will look forward to spending time with. 

Anne regularly attends animal behavior conferences and seminars for continuing education, in which she has the opportunity to learn from the leading trainers from around the world. In 2008 Anne earned her CPDT-KA, a professional certification showing tested knowledge in canine learning theory, dog training technique, and instruction skills.

Anne competes with her dogs in national agility competitions sponsored by organizations including the American Kennel Club and the United States Dog Agility Association. All five of Anne’s dogs have been National Finalists at the top competitions held around the US. 

Anne her dog at Invitational Awards with ribbons and agility equipmentAnne’s Australian Cattle Dog, Kylie, is one of the most decorated dogs of her breed in the sport of Dog Agility. Kylie has won 4 National Agility Championships at premier events in California, Arizona, Florida and Nevada, has numerous Master Agility Champion titles, a Lifetime Achievement Award, and has been the #1 ranked Australian Cattle Dog in AKC agility several times. Kylie is now retired from agility, but in competition she ran with all of her heart and at top speed every time they stepped to the starting line together. Anne knows how fortunate she is to have an extra special dog like Kylie in her life as a family member and former agility teammate.

Anne’s younger Australian Cattle Dog, Maizey (Kylie’s sister), is a very accomplished agility dog as well, winning two national championship Finals and several at the Regional level as well. Maizey has earned many Master Agility Champion titles, earned trips to the AKC Agility Invitational in Florida 5 times, and was ranked as the #1 Australian Cattle Dog in AKC Agility in the US for most of her agility career. She is one of the sweetest tempered dogs that Anne has had the privilege of sharing her life with, and Maizey is a trusty coworker – often accompanying Anne to lessons with nervous or shy dog clients.

Anne’s current agility teammate is Avid, a 6-year old Border Collie. Avid comes from sheep herding genetics and has shown a lot of ability and desire to work livestock. She is also a wonderful agility partner, having recently earned her AKC Master Agility Championship title. Her favorite activity is racing down the beach at top speed, and being a nanny to the two pet rabbits.

Anne and Maizey at agility event runningAnne’s has competed in a variety of other sports with her dogs as well, including competitive obedience, rally obedience, and flyball. Her dogs have earned Canine Good Citizen titles, and her first Border Collie, Zip, was also a registered therapy dog.

Anne also worked for 14 years in the field of Special Education, assisting young adults with special needs to develop job skills and enter the local workforce. She trained horses for over 30 years and was a riding instructor for Hearts Therapeutic Riding Program in both Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez, as well as teaching riding lessons for Raintree Ranch.




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